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intuitive eating Counseling
12 week program

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12 Week Program Details

Step 1: Dive Deep

It is challenging to eat for the body’s needs if you are not fully aware of how dieting impacts your view of food and your idea of “acceptable” weight. For this reason, we dive into what Intuitive Eating is and how diet culture has unknowingly impacted you and your mental health. We will work on uncovering the roadblocks that have made peace with food and your body challenging. In step one, we will unravel the wires tied to dieting and the broken trust that diet culture has caused. We will do this first so you may begin honoring your worth as a human being versus your worth as associated with your weight and size.

Step 2: Rediscover

Rejecting dieting is crucial to your relationship with yourself and food. Becoming fully aware of how dieting has caused your body’s intuition to distrust itself will allow you to regain the confidence from within to be your authentic self. Using specific coaching and counseling techniques, we will work on different methods that help you strengthen your boundaries with diet culture and the need to diet hence, developing a healthier relationship with food.

Step 3: Honor Your Body

Learning to honor our body is crucial to developing love and respect for our body. During step three, you will begin to honor your biological hunger. We will share thoughts on out-of-control eating. You will finally begin to recognize your body’s fullness cues. You will start to listen to what your body is truly asking you for. Understanding and acknowledging your hunger will allow you to give your body what it needs.

Step 4: Relearn

Your inner voice tells you how horrible you are for eating a particular food and the food police reiterate why you are “bad” for eating and wanting something that is not “clean”. In step four, you will re-learn what it means to trust your body. You will begin to say no to your inner critic. You will start making peace with food. You will learn to say no to people who do not uplift your life and no to thoughts that do not serve your mental health.

Step 5: The Here and Now

Society tries to convince us that we can only be happy, healthy, and thriving if we come in a small package but this is not true. You are alive. That, in and of itself, is truly amazing. Appreciating and loving your here-and-now body is not easy at first. But it is possible. Step five is intended to address lingering fears and feelings of disappointment that you have regarding the number on the scale. You will feel more confident and empowered to continue your growth and discovery as an Intuitive Eater, knowing that you are worthy at any size.