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Hello Mommy Friends!

Have you ever wanted to not care about how much you weigh??  I get it!  I’ve yo-yo’d between extreme dieting to c’est la vie eating.  Healthy exercising to extreme exercising.  And it was emotionally exhausting!

After having my son, I decided that my lifestyle needed to change.  I didn’t want to fall victim to my tired energy, sad girl thoughts and distracted mind.  

It wasn’t until I changed my way of thinking that I learned to be happy about my weight, my looks and my life.  I finally realized that it was never just about how I looked…it was about how I felt.  I wanted so badly to feel worthy but failed diet after failed diet was not helping me gain the mental clarity I was seeking.  Becoming an intuitive eater was the path I was seeking all along, I just didn’t know it. 

As a mom who has struggled with body image and societies standards on weight and “perfection” my goal is to help fellow mommies in my similar situation, 

I believe in the idea that every- body tells a story.  I believe that stretch marks trace a moment in time.  That varicose veins are normal and that dimples on your legs and butt are a real part of life.  

Weight should not a number that someone else decides for you and it should not be a reason in which your worth is defined.  You decide how beautiful you want your life and your body to be.  Have the courage to choose self-love and decide what is right for you.  

I would love to work with you and help you write the story of your body’s future.  


"It is only from within that true change occurs."