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Hello Friends!

Has your weight held you back from fully experiencing life? 

I have been there.

I’ve gone from extreme dieting to extreme binge eating. At times I exercised in order to “earn” my calories. 

There were moments when I hated myself for not being more dedicated to fitness. 

I have cried myself to sleep many times hoping I would wake in a smaller body. I wanted to be skinny so that my life could magically get better. 

I was emotionally exhausted. This much focus on my body was taking a toll on my quality of life, family, and career. 

Up until two years ago, I struggled with yo-yo dieting, binge eating, extreme calorie cutting, undiagnosed body dysmorphia, and an overall mentally unhealthy relationship with myself due to dieting. For over 20 years I thought something was wrong with my body only to realize that my body wasn’t the problem, dieting and diet culture were.

Weight should NOT be a number that someone else decides is right for you and it should not be a reason to define your worth. 

You decide how beautiful you want your life to be and you should decide what is best for your body.  

I believe in the idea that everybody tells a story.  I believe that stretch marks trace a moment in time. That varicose veins are normal and that dimples on your legs and butt are not a reason to feel bad.   

I would love to work with you and help you write the story of your body’s future.  


"It is only from within that true change occurs."