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Hello Mommy Friends!

Have you ever wanted to not care about how much you weigh??  I get it!  I’ve yo-yo’d between extreme dieting to c’est la vie eating.  Healthy exercising to extreme exercising.  And it was emotionally exhausting!

I was overweight when I became pregnant and therefore was a very overweight new mom.  After having my son, I decided that my lifestyle needed to change.  I didn’t want to fall victim to my tired energy, sad girl thoughts and distracted mind.  

It wasn’t until I changed the way I thought that I learned to be happy about my weight, my looks and my life.  I finally realized that it was never just about how I looked…it was about how I felt.  After putting in some mental work, I successfully lost 75 pounds! 

As a mom who has struggled with body image and weight, I believe in the idea that every- body tells a story.  I believe that stretch marks trace a moment in time.  That varicose veins are normal and that dimples on your legs and butt are a real part of life.  

Weight is not a number that someone else decides for you,  it is a number that you want and makes you feel good.  You decide how beautiful you want your life and your body to be.  Have the courage to choose self-love and decide what is right for you.  

I would love to work with you and help you write the story of your body’s future.  


"A healthy mind in a healthy body."

Do you find that you continue to eat even after you know you are no longer hungry?

Does it make you sad to think about all the fun opportunities you are missing out on because of your weight?

Are you tired of putting on a fake smile in front of others and pretending that you are okay with  your size?

Wouldn't you love to discover how your mind is sabotaging your weight loss so that you can actually start losing the weight?

Empower Your Weight Loss Mind Assessment

While a physical button to rewire the brain does not exist, we can EMPOWER YOUR MIND.

You will learn why you “yo-yo” back after losing weight.  Why you can’t seem to commit to your weight loss journey.  And how struggling to put yourself first is impacting your weight loss and your life…all in under a hour.

How it works: It’s a 10 minute assessment + a 45 minute one on one debrief with me.  At the end you will know what it takes to shift into a weight loss mentality so that you can finally start losing the weight!

For a limited time I am offering my Empower Your Weight Loss Mind Assessment at a discounted rate of only $99, no taxes.  Invest in yourself, if you don’t no one else will. 

Looking forward to helping you create the body you truly love.

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