How to Start Finding Joy: part 4 of 6

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Become aware of your life and the abundant life that surrounds you.

In my previous post How to Start Finding Joy: Part 3 of 6, I mentioned the idea of becoming aware.  It has become incredibly easy to disregard the fact that we are all living on a miraculous planet that spins in space without question!  Yet, everyday we find something that is going wrong.  We focus on the sad things that can’t seem to be fixed and we choose to forget how truly beautiful life is.  We forget that we get to experience life on this planet and live out our adventures. 

The majority of us wake up and immediately check our phones; it has become our second nature.  I am guilty of doing this myself.  Every single day we come across some form of technology and we give into it with mindless effort.  We are taken away and thrust into other people’s lives…placed into other people’s dilemmas by way of a few simple clicks and we don’t stop to consider what that is doing to us.

In order to be at peace with yourself you must be aware of what is around you and what is within you.  Finding joy using awareness can help you realize what is important and what is not.  For example, if you are at work and your boss has told you that you have to fix a specific problem because you did it incorrectly, then it is important to be aware and take in the facts: something needs to be fixed but it doesn’t make you a bad person for making the error.  If you are not aware, you immediately begin to feel terrible, you start to attack yourself for not being able to get the job done right the first time.  Rather than take in the facts you judge yourself and don’t realize that the issue does not concern you as a person, it concerns the work.

We have allowed ourselves to become victims to our minds.  We regularly feel hurt, guilt, anger and sadness.  Being aware allows for these types of feelings to simply surface and dissipate; knowing that our truest best selves are much more powerful and loving than anything we could ever say or anything anyone could ever say to us. 

How can you become more aware?

Becoming aware is a gradual effort.  It begins with small actions that eventually lead to an overall feeling and understanding.  If you can remember that this moment is special, if you can tell yourself that the negativity you feel is temporary, if you can allow yourself to be a human that is experiencing rather than a person who reacts, then you can begin to find that awareness within you. 

Oftentimes, it can be much easier to get into that state of mind when we remove ourselves from the things that can cause us to react.  Turning off the phone, reading a book, being in nature, going for a walk, meditating or even listening to calming music are ways to disconnect from the noise within and open up to the quiet we need.  By connecting within, you begin to understand where joy comes from. There is a power that lives within us and a peace that comes from knowing you are thriving just by being. 

Eventually, it does not matter that you don’t have the latest phone.  It does not matter that you woke up with a blemish on your face.  It does not matter that you don’t look “perfect” and it certainly does not matter that you don’t have all the money in the world.  

What matters is that you are aware of the fact that although your life at this very moment may not be socially ideal, you at this moment are.  You, right now, are complete inside and therefore outside.  You understand that the current situations that are in your life are only temporary and can change. Do not get lost or confused in the things that don’t matter in your life.  

Find joy by practicing your awareness and choose to lose sight of the distractions so that you can gain insight to what brings you abundance and satisfaction.  

Until next time, Mommy Friend!

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