How to Start Finding Joy: Part 3 of 6

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

Finding joy begins with intention.  If your intention is not fueled by positive integrity, then your actions will be coming from a place of negativity or lack of.  There have been so many times in my life where I have done things, not necessarily because I truly felt that I wanted to, but because I thought I should. Therefore,  I would go into the situation with a negative mentality and pretty much loathe the entire process. 

Your intention is much more influential than your actions because your actions are influenced by your intentions.  The problem with intention is that a lot of the time we are not fully aware of them because we usually are not fully aware of our thoughts.  There were times where after a day of work I would come home exhausted and emotional.  I hadn’t realized the endless tiring thoughts I had been repeating in my head until I finally had a moment to digest my day.  Some days, I was just focused on my “bad” diet or I was judging myself regarding my lack of leadership skills.  It made sense then, that I would come home so tired.  

If you consider the amount of negative thoughts people have on a daily basis then it isn’t difficult to understand why people get burned out.  The thoughts we continue to think about add up and eventually clog the good intentions and the good thoughts from coming through to the surface.

If you want to start finding joy, you must look inward.  But not only must you begin to look inward you must also understand that your actions are directly connected with your intentions/thoughts.  It is much more difficult to find joy when all you can think about are the difficulties in your life.  

Before you start your day or start a new task, try to understand why you are doing it.  After you understand why you are doing it, find the best feeling you can.  Breathe and know that you choose your joy.  You choose to go through life feeling good, no matter what.   

Eventually you will be able to catch yourself.  You will be able to stop the negative energy that once came so easily (i.e. when we were children) and the positive energy will flow.  That positive flow is what creates the joy in your everyday and every moment.  

Remember, it isn’t necessarily what you do that counts, it is the intention behind the action that makes a difference in you finding your joy. 

Until next time, Mommy Friends!

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